I'm a "Transitions Coach"

I help professionals
who are facing major life changes
to move from Stress to Success,
so they can live a
Life of Greater Purpose.

Me as a Coach

I am a Certified Coach by Animas Center of Coaching, an ICF accredited coaching school, and also had recently the greatest privilege to attend the Unleash the Power Within  (UPW) with Tony Robbins.  On a personal level, I have been coached / mentored by Harpreet Sandu and Dimitris Tselios, Mindset & Growth Strategist, Author and Founding Member of Hellenic Counselling Coaching Mentoring Association. 

I have been conducting Life and Business Coaching Sessions in English, Japanese and Greek. The clients I have been working with are international professionals with the most incredible careers and  diverse backgrounds from different parts of the world such as the UK, Japan, the USA, Australia, Italy, Greece who are facing major life changes. 

I provide both 1:1 and group coaching sessions. My successful and popular group coaching programs have touched and transformed the lives of hundreds of students around the world and inspired individuals to achieve their passions and dreams. 

I am also leading the rapidly growing EnCharis International community on Facebook, where my students and likeminded individuals who are committed to personal development join to share their experiences and receive guidance and inspiration by my daily tips, live coaching events and workshops. 

One of the group coaching sessions I was involved in, was to provide FREE group coaching sessions to NHS professionals and healthcare givers who are dealing with high levels of stress during these challenging time with COVD19.

I also started conducting workshops, corporate group sessions and a coaching academy with my business partner who is also a Life Coach. One of our greatest achievements was to deliver corporate coaching sessions for all Facebook UK employees.

My Mission

My mission is to help my clients discover their purpose. Transform their lives and go from being people WITH purpose to becoming people OF purpose. 

At this point, you might ask what is the difference? 

People with purpose are those who set goals and run after them. Once they achieve their initial goals, they set another goal. As a result, they end up being trapped in this loop and keep always chasing something else, till they burn out. 

People of purpose are the ones who are living their purpose, mission and calling. 

They are authentic and live their lives. These lives of greater purpose.

Purpose is not something we chase; Purpose is something that we become.”

                                                                                       By Effie Kontaxaki, Transitions Coach

My Story

My life story could be written in a book. I grew up in an international home with a Greek father and a Japanese mother and later I got married to a Korean man in the United States where our marriage did not last. 

I have two amazing children who represent 4 different countries and 4 different continents.  I have lived, studied and worked in 6 different countries, speak 4 languages and have been to more than 40 countries; I can describe our family as citizens of the world.

Between 2012 to March 2020, I had been working as a Compliance Consultant on a contract basis within finance in London city. In January 2019 I got an offer for a particularly good project at a Vice President level  for a prestigious Japanese bank and it felt like a dream come true- especially when I considered that  I came to this country in February 2012 with just one piece of luggage, and no work.  It felt like I had come a long way since then. Although I felt that I had accomplished something massive, I was not happy, rather I was incredibly stressed all of the time and I couldn’t sleep properly at night due to stress.  The project finished in the first week of October, and having Brexit as well, the job market was incredibly bad. As a result, I could not secure my next project till the first week of December. 

Being in a country as a single parent with two teenagers and no job, I really felt that I had reached a dead end. During that time in November 2019, I was not only seeking for direction, but also through prayer and fasting I was asking God what He really wanted me to do in my life.  It was then when my daughter Jessica saw a vision of a beautiful blue-purple butterfly- she said “I can see a cocoon and from inside a purple-blue butterfly being born. This is you mum; it is just above you.”

Although I knew it was significant, it was later on in my journey that I discovered what it meant. 

Two months later, in January, I attended the introduction day after being introduced to Animas Centre for Coaching by a dear friend who is also an Animas graduate. My coaching training with Animas officially began in February 2020 which I was able to successfully complete and graduate in September 2020.

In the vision of my daughter with the butterfly emerging from its cocoon and transforming into this absolutely beautiful butterfly, the end-result is outstanding, however during this transformation the butterfly might feel pain too. This metaphor has significant meaning for me, as the transformational process is painful- with both emotional and physical pain.

The emotional side concerns becoming the best version of myself- a process that starts from within- aligning with my Higher Self and Purpose.

The physical pain had started even earlier as I became a single parent when my children were only 2 and 1 years old- I had to work hard, driven by many needs and being constantly on the go. Eventually I had forgotten about myself and put my needs behind everything else. 

It has become very clear to me that my Higher Purpose is to use all of my life experience of 45 years and spiritual gifts in combination with my coaching style in order to touch and transform others’ lives.

All these years, my father has been an incredible role model and inspiration to me. He once said “Effie, what is important is not your gender, your age, your skin colour, etc. What is important is your heart. So, brush up the diamond of your heart and make the people around you see the sparkle of that diamond”. 

Here is where I am today, a Compliance Manager for a prestigious Japanese Asset management company in London, a single mother of two incredibly talented teenagers who are living their purpose driven lives, and pursuing my Life Calling and Mission to help busy professionals who are facing major life changes to move from ‘Stress to Success’, so they can live a ‘Life of Greater Purpose’ as a Transitions Coach.