I have an incredibly unique and dynamic style of coaching, which I combine with my spiritual gifts as a Christian.

It has become very clear to me that my Higher Purpose is to use all of my life experience of 46 years and spiritual gifts in combination with my coaching style in order to touch and transform others’ lives.

I am proudly bicultural; my unique Greek – Japanese heritage bestows a fierce honesty, a diverse experience of studying, living, and working in 6 countries and an intuitive ability to tune into someone’s soul and potential.

What does it mean to tune into someone’s soul and potential?

I use techniques to tune in and engage with you in the here and now – in the present moment. By doing so, I immediately create a safe, comfortable space for you where you know that you are truly heard.

I have the ability to coordinate that which all my senses pick up on and to reflect it back to you.

In my personal coaching approach, I use the ‘Transformational’, ‘Intuitive’ and ‘Vision’ coaching styles.
The approach is entirely different to the solution-focused one. It is focused on the large picture of your life exploring all areas of self-improvement rather than one, including mind, body and spirit.

In a polite, gentle, and honest way I can help you break down your comfort zone walls, explore your subconscious mind, identify your obstacles, support you to recondition your mindset and empower you to take immediate effective steps forward towards starting to live a life full of purpose.

Each coaching session is structured to best support yours needs, along with your preferred learning style.

During the first session with you, I try to do the following:

• Clarify what you genuinely want in your life.
• Set meaningful goals.
• Discover your values.
• Understand how you create and experience the world.
• Access your inner resourcefulness and resilience when life throws up challenges or you find yourself at major crossroads.

All of the 1:1 coaching sessions are tailored to each client’s individual needs.

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• Learn how to gain access to your inner resourcefulness and resilience when life throws up challenges or you find yourselves at a major crossroad.
• Explore your ambitions and dreams, expand your possibilities, and overcome any obstacles.
Find the right balance for your life.
Discover who you are and live a life based on your true values.
Connect with what inspires you the most and successfully create and live the life you really want – both personally and professionally.
Feel more confident, positive, and optimistic.
Get clarity of what you genuinely want to do in your life and discover the HOW.
Gain more focus, direction, and purpose.
Set meaningful goals aligned with your High Purpose.
Manage your time better and work more effectively.
Appreciate and acknowledge your skills, abilities, and achievements.
Take control of your life and your future.
Enjoy your life so much more!

and much more…

Personal Life Coaching

We would explore together, finding your call, mission, your life’s higher purpose and start walking in them.

You will have a clear understanding of your “WHY”; why are you doing what you are doing?

Entrepreneur & Business Coaching

My clients are heart-centered, purpose- driven entrepreneurs and business owners who want to add value and bring positive impact to the world in alignment with their purpose, missions, vision and values.

Group Coaching and Workshops

Design and facilitate group coaching and workshop sessions around Creating Positive Mindset, Time Management, Self- Love & Self-Acceptance, Ikigai, Life Road mapping. Creating Positive Habits and much more. 

Corporate Workshops & Group Coaching

Design and facilitate group coaching sessions tailored to each client’s needs.

Mentor Coaching

Starting out as a coach is an exciting time! I work with new and heart-centered coaches supporting them in the following areas:

• Setting up their business
Identifying their ideal clients and exploring possible niches



Schedule your free 45 min call

Together we will explore your current situation, the bigger picture of your life and discuss the roadmap on how to get there.
• What are the immediate, midterm and long-term goals?
What would you like to get out of the coaching sessions?
Clarify what they truly want in their lives.
Set meaningful goals.
Discover and live their values.
Understand how they create and experience the world.
Access their inner resourcefulness and resilience when life throws up challenges or they find themselves at major crossroads.

Select Coaching Sessions Package

Depending on what you would like to get out of the coaching sessions, you will select your program (3 months, 6 months or 12 months journey).

The 3 months coaching sessions package:

Fortnightly Sessions. Best for short term goals and support.

The 6 months coaching sessions package:

Fortnightly Sessions. Best for midterm goals and support.

The 12 months coaching sessions package:

Fortnightly Sessions. Best for on-going goals and support.

Start Coaching (via Zoom, FB messenger, WhatsApp)

I am based in the UK, but work with people from all over the world, currently I have clients based in USA, Italy, Greece, Australia, UK and Japan in English, Greek and Japanese remotely or face-to-face.


Affordable Packaged and Payment plans available based on your financial needs.

Are you a student, single parent, or out of employment long term?
Ask me for your 30% discounts on all the packages mentioned above if you fall in any of these categories.


“Coaching is a process that will support you achieving what you desire as long as you are committed to invest your time, focus and energy.

• I have seen miracles happening and my clients’ lives truly been transformed.

• I have so many success stories which can read them under testimonies.

• I am here to support you throughout your journey as long as you are committed.

• Just remember, the more you put in, the more you will get out of this experience. “

By Effie Kontaxaki. Transitions Coach